Alternatives in Art and Technology Education

Hours: 1:00PM-5:00PM
Cost: Free

Roundtable discussion with students and teachers from School for Poetic Computation and special guests Michael Mandiberg,  Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald

At a time when tuition in the field of art and technology can cost upwards of 40k/yr, the need for other options is self-evident.  What alternatives currently exist and what could an open source school look like?

Magnet schools, charter schools, and private institutions have a long history, providing alternative education options for school-aged children, yet until recently there have been fewer alternatives for adults outside of formal university education. This has changed in the last few years with the proliferation of online training options and New York has seen the rise of of local meet ups, weekend workshops, hacker schools and artist-run schools, that are now providing a variety of options to those interested in continuing face-to-face education.

These initiatives tackle new areas of interest, emerging technologies and facilitate the meeting of others who share similar interests. School for Poetic Computation fits into this category. A 10 week hybrid of an artist residency and research group, SFPC is a modern experiment in art and technology education.

Open to the public.

540 West 21st street New York

Part of Participatory Workshop & Discussion

This event will be followed by walkthrough and presentations by the first class of SFPC students.

People: Zach Lieberman, Taeyoon ChoiMichael MandibergLauren McCarthyKyle McDonald, Amit Pitaru
Tags: School for Poetic Computation