Art Hack Weekend

Programming Series:

Summer School

Calling all artists, designers, and developers!

Join Eyebeam Art & Technology Center and The Creators Project August 5th-7th for Art Hack Weekend, a two-day, open-source hackathon that celebrates new artistic experiences.

Design, code and prototype projects that re-imagine the way we create, consume, and interact with media.

We are interested in exploring how new technological advancements in fields like motion tracking, depth mapping, holographics and 3D visuals, gesture control, augmented reality, projection mapping, and networked environments can be transformed into tools that help change the way we experience and connect with art both on and offline, and/or creating entirely new artistic experiments. Projects can come in the form of web apps, mobile apps, installations, widgets, websites, or any combination of the above.

Weekend Schedule for Registered Attendees Only:

  • Friday, 7PM–10PM: Meet and Greet BBQ
  • Saturday, 10AM–Midnight: Project development time
  • Sunday, 10AM–5PM: Project development time
  • Sunday, 6PM–9PM: Art Hack Weekend participants present their work to the public and a panel of judges, winners announced, celebrating.

We’ll be feeding you throughout the weekend and providing plenty of coffee to keep your batteries charged.

We’re looking for: Projects can come in the form of web apps, mobile apps, installations, widgets, and websites that re-imagine these tools and techniques as:

a) tools for enjoying and/or learning about art
b) a unique installation or creative work

(Projects are not limited to visual works.)

Awards and Exhibition:

  • At the end of the 2-day hackathon, participants will present their projects before a jury of experts (curators, artists, Eyebeam and The Creators Project staff).
  • The jury will select a number of projects to award a project development stipend and workspace at Eyebeam.
  • The selected artists will have 7-8 weeks to develop their projects for a dedicated exhibition at the The Creators Project: New York City this October.
  • The Creators Project and Eyebeam will also host a panel discussion at the event where the selected artists will present and explain their work.


  1. Projects should not be under development prior to the start of the event. Pre-existing code libraries, APIs, sketches, and similar raw materials are allowed, but the spirit of the event encourages participants to build what they can in 36 hours.
  2. Choose an Open Source Initiative-approved license, or, if for a non-code project, a Creative Commonslicense if an OSI license does not meet your needs.
  3. Projects aren’t limited to code or an app. Creating websites, design systems, information graphics, maps, etc. are OK!
  4. We encourage participants to work with at least one person at the event who they don’t already know.
  5. We encourage coders and non-coders to work together, with both types actively participating throughout the project’s development.