Programming Series: Digital Day CampSummer School

Projects, politics and proposals inspired by artists and activists

This summer students in the three-week long Digital Day Camp (DDC) and participants in the Summer School workshop series have explored the relevance of and issues surrounding biotechnology projects by artists and activists. Students studied the fundamentals and ethics behind biological research (ie animal testing, germ warfare, bacteria and vaccines, dna, food growth and nano-technology) and green design, including the politics and groups involved in executing such projects.

Starting July 19 projects developed by students, workshops participants and teaching artists will begin to be installed in Eyebeam’s exhibition space as part of a “growing” exhibition.

Included in the exhibition and in conjunction with the Panorama Screening Living Culture will be artist Justine Cooper’s four channel video installation Scynescape. The images are real-time recordings of the artist manipulating samples of her hair and skin cells on a scanning electron microscope.

People: Adam ZaretskyJulia ReodicaJustine CooperPaul Vanouse
Research: Education Lab
Tags: DDC06