BIORHYTHM Workshop: Lego Data Viz with Reality Inspectors

Join the Reality Inspectors in this workshop where they will discuss their BIORHYTHM project Theremin Inspector V2—an interactive exhibit which visualises the electromagnetic energy around you as you play a theremin. Following this discussion, The Reality Inspectors will guide participants through a design process using legos to create a hands on visualization of real data from the workshop space.

This event and other opening weekend events are presented within the BIORHYTHM exhibition and have been organized as part of and in cooperation with World Science Festival.

Space is limited: RSVP now

BIORHYTHM is made possible through the generous support of Imagine Ireland, an initiative of Culture Ireland, and the Cordover Family Foundation. BIORHYTHM is created by Science Gallery and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

More information about BIORHYTHM, and related programming at Eyebeam.

People: Reality Inspectors
Tags: biorhythm, BIORHYTHM: music and the body, ss2011, summer school, world science festival