Brian House: Forty-eight to Sixteen

Hours: 5 – 6 PM

Cost: Free

Join us for a live performance of Brian House’s piece, Forty-eight to Sixteen for three performers and video. This meditative piece explores the physiological basis of empathy through the act of traversing the city by bicycle and is built from biometric data.

Forty-eight to Sixteen documents House’s daily commute from Brooklyn to midtown Manhattan with sensors for his heartrate, breathing, and the cadence of my pedaling, along with chest-mounted video. Cellist Topu Lyo interprets his experience via a composition House derived from the sources that is precisely timed with the video. House am interested in ‘performing’ data and his and Topu’s divergent but equally physical relationship to the information. The physiological basis of empathy has implications for recent trends in media culture toward first-person viewpoints and the integration of biometrics into documentary. (Named after the gear ratio of House’s bike.)