Bushwick Open Studios 2019

September 21 & 22
199 Cook St., Brooklyn NY 11206

Meet Eyebeam’s 2019 Access Residents at Bushwick Open Studios! Eyebeam provides both space and support for a community of diverse, justice-driven artists. Current artists-in-residence are working on projects that use technology to challenge dominant notions of access.

Shannon Finnegan developed Alt-Text as Poetry, a workshop about describing images and making visual content accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. She has presented this workshop 18 times at NYC arts and culture institutions and continues to adjust and update the curriculum. She is currently also assembling a workbook version of the workshop in collaboration with disability justice advocate Bojana Coklyat.

Movers and Shakers (Glenn Cantave and Idris Brewster) are members of a coalition that executes direct action and advocacy campaigns for marginalized communities using virtual reality, augmented reality, and the creative arts. They have been focusing on public space and public schools to achieve their goals of telling the invisibilized histories of people of color. They recently received one of Verizon’s NYC Media Lab grants and Glenn gave an artist talk which was featured on TED’s homepage.

LaJuné McMillian is an artist and performer working at the intersection of creative technology and representation of Black existence. Their current project, The Black Movement Project, fulfills an urgent need for representation using 3D motion capture data from Black performers and Black character base models, currently underrepresented in available online databases. During her time at Eyebeam, she ran workshops with adults and high school students that introduced them to the DIY 3D community. This includes questioning who is making in the 3D space, how are they making, and who is left out of the community due to a lack of resources.

Yo-Yo Lin is a Taiwanese-American, chronically ill media artist who explores the possibilities of human connection in the context of emerging technologies. She is currently researching and developing methodologies in reclaiming and processing chronic health trauma. She aims to develop a digital and physical platform that serve as documentation and artistic evaluation of active survivors of chronic illnesses. This fall, she is hosting a four-session workshop at Movement Research focused on supporting chronically ill and disabled artists in creative movement practices inspired by her research at Eyebeam.

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The 199 Cook Street entrance is accessible via a wheelchair ramp. Restrooms on the first floor are wheelchair accessible and the second floor restrooms are wheelchair accessible via an elevator.

For questions regarding accessibility, please contact J. Soto prior to the event via email at [email protected] or call (347)-378- 9163 x 1006 (voice only). The nearest subway is the L-Morgan station. The L-Morgan station does not have an elevator. The next closest station is JM-Flushing, which does have an elevator. For information on accessible transit on the MTA visit this link.