CALL TODAY: a workshop on urban signage

Hours: 4PM-7PM
Cost: Free

A workshop with John Hawke in conjunction with his work for the Re:Group exhibition, will start at Eyebeam with a presentation and discussion on the growing phenomenon of illegal coroplast advertising and the possibilities that might exist within this trend for art interventions.

While graffitti is a form of urban writing that aims to showcase the individuality and identity of the writer, sign interventions start from an opposite direction– the milieu of business advertising.  As such, works that adopt this form may insert messages into the urban visual field at a far more subversive level.

This workshop will start at Eyebeam and following discussion and the construction of participants signs, we will go out as a group to wire the signs to high visibility fencing sites.


Projects: Mandatory Minimum–We Have Moved!
People: John Hawke
Research: Education, Open Culture, Urban Research
Tags: illegal signs, PARTICIPATION SS2010, Re:Group, SS2010