Climate for Change – Is the world ready for change

Continuing our collaboration with the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT) on their Climate for Change project a transatlantic debate will take place. The theme, “Is the world ready for change”.

Divided by the Atlantic, Liverpool and New York each share a unique cultural heritage but in our global economy each face similar challenges.  Bringing these two cities together virtually, young people will host a debate to discuss whether the world is ready for change.  The event will be recorded but if you are in Liverpool stop by FACT’s gallery 1 to see it live.

Eyebeam wishes to thank Emilia Wiles Director, Student Success Center for her help in organizing the new york participation.

Students participating

Liverpool: Archbishop Blanch

New York: academy of urban planning in brooklynnew york harbor schoolbushwick school for social justiceacademy of environmental leadership