Co-op Bar Comedy Night

6 Comedians!

  • Becky Donohue (Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Tough Crowd, Comix)
  • Moody McCarthy (Last Comic Standing and The Jimmy Kimmel Show)
  • Mike Dobbins (Magnet Theater)
  • Adam Wade (Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd, ESPN Classic, 2006 Grand Slam Champion at The Moth)
  • Rachael Parenta (
  • Charles Star (Stay Free Daily, Onion Network News)

The Co-op Bar was developed at the Eyebeam’s OpenLab by Fellow Steve Lambert. The Co-op Bar offers a low level investment and community space in the form of a co-operatively owned bar. Designed to take advantage of the surge in potential customers at an art opening, the co-op bar uses it’s profit to fund artists projects and publications. This is the last Co-op Bar event before the closing of the exhibition Source Code. For more information about the comedy night, contact Steve: slambert AT eyebeam DOT org

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