Collaborative Media Workshop in Multi-Channel Audiovisuals using Max/MSP Jitter

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Join artist Andrew Demirjian for a collaborative media workshop.

Participants will learn technical methods and consider aesthetic strategies for producing audiovisuals for spatialized art installations. Workshop attendees shall receive guidance in a Max/MSP Jitter coding environment, will learn to network and sync multiple computers, and will gain familiarity with Leprecon midi dimmers. Participants will use their new skills and Eyebeam’s resources to produce a collaberative piece that will be exhibited to the public.

Participants can join the 6 workshops for $225.


Workshop Schedule >>

Saturday, October 22nd 3PM-6PM— course intro, learn accurate video sync & see a demo of an 8 channel audio system that uses Max/MSP

Saturday, October 29th 3PM-6PM— learn to create multi-channel video in Max/MSP/Jitter; explore the pros and cons of various projectors, projections methods, & surfaces

Tuesday, November 1st 6PM-9PM— learn how various artists approach architectural space, explore audio equipment and panning across multiple speakers using Max/MSP, begin the group project

Tuesday, November 15th 6PM-9PM-– explore creative pattern-making w/ multi-channel audiovisuals in Max/MSP/Jitter; format, sync, send, route, receive, & parse data over muplitple computers

Tuesday, November 29th 6PM-9PM-– send electronic devices messages using Max/MSP Jitter and Leprecon voltage control dimmers

Saturday, December 3rd 3PM-6PM— explore building dynamics + dynamic building, further investigate previous topics (to be determined by group)

For more information, contact Andrew at [email protected].


People: Andrew Demirjian
Research: Sound

Partner Organizations: Cycling ’74