Computational Fashion Master Class

Eyebeam and Shapeways partnered to produce the first Computational Fashion Master Class hosted at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering in July 2014.  In this ten-day intensive workshop ten professionals in the fields of fashion, engineering, media arts, and interactive design learned, experimented, and collaboratively created work that interrogates the emerging modes of digital textiles modeled directly on the body.
 Through the use of 3D printing, the program explored new advances in computational design, focusing on the formation of digital materials. Different approaches for pattern generation and textile operations were explored in the quest to develop “matter that moves.”

Participants gained proficiency in a range of tools and methods relevant to current commercial and artistic practices, as well as instruction in 3D printing and digital fabrication processes. The ten students worked in groups, applying their skills to the collaborative creation and production of printed wearables.  As part of their process, they developed physical prototypes with the support of FormLabs’ desktop 3D printer.

Four projects were developed that combined 3D printing with traditional fashion design techniques.  Each piece functions as an extension or augmentation of the body, exploring concepts such as second skin, performative textiles, as well as responsive and kinetic structures.

The projects will be presented publicly this September during New York Fashion Week. Please stay tuned for more details by signing up for the Computational Fashion mailing list.

Computational Fashion is an Eyebeam initiative bringing together artists, fashion designers, scientists, and technologists to explore emerging ideas and develop new work at the intersection of fashion and technology. Computational Fashion consists of research fellowships, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions. The lead consultant is Dr. Sabine Seymour, owner of Moondial and professor of Fashionable Technology at Parsons The New School for Design. Computational Fashion is supported in part by The Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund.

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NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering is a comprehensive school of engineering, applied sciences, technology and research, and is rooted in a 158-year tradition of invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. The institution, founded in 1854, is the nation’s second-oldest private engineering school. In addition to its main campus in New York City at MetroTech Center in downtown Brooklyn, it also offers programs at sites throughout the region, around the globe and remotely through online learning. The NYU School of Engineering is an integral part of NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) in downtown Brooklyn.

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Casey Rehm

Bradley Rothenberg

Lauren Slowik

Ryan Kittleson

Arthur Young-Spivey

Lisa Kori Chung

Presenters & Guest Critics:

Sabine Seymour

Gabi Asfour

Kathlin Argiro

Shaeffer Haitsma

Annelie Koller

De Angela Duff

Kate Weldelborn

Marko Tandefelt


Bo Kyung Byun

Diana Castro

Benjamin Cramer

Billy Dang

May-Li Khoe

Danielle Martin

Javier Molina

Hillary Sampliner

Andrea van Hintum

Cici Wu 


Erica Kermani

Lauren Slowik

Keren Oxman

Paul Amitai

Production Assistant:

LaJune McMillan

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