Computational Fashion Master Class 2015

Applications are now closed

Following the enormous success of last year’s event, Eyebeam and Shapeways will once again present the COMPUTATIONAL FASHION MASTER CLASS in June 2015! Take your design ideas to the next level by participating in this immersive, hands-on program at the nexus of fashion and technology.


  • an intensive five-week workshop
  • a space for fashion designers, artists, and engineers to learn cutting-edge technology and design
  • an exploration in the emerging realm of 3D printed fashion and digital manufacturing
  • providing real-world applications for professional development

Students will be taught and guided by leading professionals in the fields of fashion, computational design, and digital manufacturing. By combining 3D-printed materials with traditional techniques, students will collaborate to design and produce unique and beautiful wearable garments. Final projects will be exhibited during New York Fashion Week in September 2015.


  • free access to Eyebeam’s studio space and fabrication labs during span of program, including high-end 3D-modeling software, desktop 3D printers, and laser cutters
  • free access to online tutorials and educational resources to supplement in-class teaching
  •  mentorship from leading experts in the fields of fashion and digital fabrication
  •  final 3D-printed garment, printed at Shapeways’ state-of-the-art facilities
  • public exhibition of final work in New York City in Fall 2015


This year’s instructors advisors include Gabi Asfour (Designer, threeASFOUR), Bradley Rothenberg (Architect and Designer), Casey Rehm (Designer and Algorithmic Consultant), Sabine Seymour (Fashion Technology Expert and Entrepreneur, Moonlab), Arthur Young-Spivey (Digital Fabrication Specialist), and Lauren Slowik (Designer Evangelist, Shapeways).


Kick Off Weekend:

Friday, June 5, 6-8pm
Saturday, June 6 – Sunday, June 7, all day

Regular Class Hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6pm – 9pm
June 9 – July 9 

Final Reviews & Production:
Saturday, July 11 – Sunday, July 12, all day 


Eyebeam and Shapeways are inviting artists, designers, and technologists to take part in this program and bring their expertise and vision to these processes. Participants will be chosen from a competitive application process and an extensive portfolio review.

TUITION COST: $1500 General / $800 for Current Student or Recent Graduate

Check out pictures and videos from last year’s Master Class exhibition, Matter that Moves.

Computational Fashion
 is an Eyebeam initiative bringing together artists, fashion designers, scientists, and technologists to explore emerging ideas and develop new work at the intersection of fashion and technology. Computational Fashion consists of research fellowships, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions. The program chair is Dr. Sabine Seymour, owner of Moondial and professor of Fashionable Technology at Parsons The New School for Design. Computational Fashion is supported in part by The Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund.

Shapeways is the world’s leading 3D Printing service and marketplace. Shapeways harnesses 3D Printing to help everyone make and share designs with the world, making product design more accessible, personal, and inspiring. On Shapeways, individuals can make, buy and sell their own products. By providing a platform for their community members to share ideas and gain access to cutting edge technology, they’re bringing personalized production to everyone. Shapeways 3D Prints everything on-demand, which means that every order is customized and personalized.


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