Contemporary Temporary Sound Works And Music (CT-SWaM) #9

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Monday, May 20 2013




Jack Callahan & Tyler Wilcox


Maria Minerva & Maria Chavez


Tom Carter & Sandy Ewen



Jack Callahan & Tyler Wilcox

The piece is called “7.2.11”.

“7.2.11” was written by Callahan on that day in Zürich, CH, in a small room in the Altstetten neighborhood. The piece deals with the simplest interaction between two musicians.

Maria Minerva & Maria Chavez

Get a preview for what may or may not be happening for their first time performing as a duo:…


is the duo of Tom Carter and Sandy Ewen. Since Spiderwebs’ 2003 inception, Carter’s guitar playing has traveled a long, strange road from his spacious improvisations with Charalambides to the immersive pyrotechnics of his current solo playbook. Ewen’s mangled percussive explosions, high-harmonic shrieks, and Bailey-esque realtime stereo panning echo the aesthetic terrorism

of electric Donald Miller, and provide a perfect foil to Carter’s

damaged looping psychedelia. Both push their sound to improbable extremes to launch Spiderwebs into higher-key incandescence.


Jack Callahan is a composer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Tyler Wilcox is a saxophonist and composer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Maria Minerva is an experimental musician (sampler, fx, vocals) aka Maria Juur

Maria Chavez is an abstract turntablist and sound artist (turntable, vocals)

Sandy Ewen

Houston improvising guitarist

As an improviser in both art and music, Ewen sees herself as guiding materials and space rather than executing a preconceived composition.

Tom Carter

“Instead of macro-analysing which direction Guitar music should take in the 21st century, his interest is personal and seems to derive from the question what’d happen if one were to continue the last seconds of a Garage-Rock song, when the singer and the rest of the band have already left the stage…” – Tobias Fischer,


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