Cosmologies: Shaped By Trauma

Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde
Salome Asega
Teresa Braun
Rebecca Goyette
Dana Hemes

May 15th, 2016, 4-6PM

A panel highlighting the way in which trauma shapes the human condition and perceptions of the body, expressed and challenged in the artist work. What happens to this trauma? Is it present in our genes? Does it become mythologized? How can it be manifested and what systems are utilized in its exploration? What role does technology play in challenging how we see ourselves and fostering new forms of communication? What else does re­-framing traumatic events as stories, objects, and processes do? Heal them? Expose the uncanny? Bring them to present­-day consciousness? How have we divided up the world and how can the cosmologies we develop encourage a repositioning of the human? The artists discuss their work in light of the topics above and emphasize the presence of trauma and technology as a driving force in creation of their cosmologies and individual bodies of work.

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Free and open to public

This event is part of To Scale, an exhibition featuring 10 projects exploring concepts of scale.


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