Cross(x)Species Adventure Club

Eyebeam hosts the Cross Species (xSpecies) Adventure Club, a supper club for humans and non-humans to explore a tasty bio-diverse future. Each event is an experience of the depth and complexity of our interconnections with nonhumans, exploring the web that traces our gastronomic, economic and material interdependency with butterflies, snails, geese, bats and other intelligent and delicious creatures. This supper club will present 5 courses of foods delicious and nutritious to both humans and nonhumans, with wine, beer and edible cocktail pairing and a take-home. This on-going lifestyle experiment is created by Natalie JeremijenkoMihir Desai (gastronomist superstar), Emilie Baltz of Fork & Design (design oversight), and other intelligent creatures. Dinner preceded by 3PM Workshop. Seating is strictly limited.


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Hands-on workshop on molecular gastronomy, nutrient cycling and ecosystems design.

7PM DINNER ($100)
An extravegant 5(+) course Cross[X]Species dinner with paired alcoholic drinks for the adventurous palate.



More information:

Taste a biodiverse and delicious future! The Cross(x)Species Adventure Club invites you to explore new foods and food systems designed to augment biodiversity and improve environmental health. They are recruiting the adventurous for an extravagant many course dinner on June 19th, and a pre-dinner workshop (3pm)  to become micro-investors in emerging food systems. The menu developed with gastronomist superstar Mihir Desai, and design oversight by Emilie Baltz (of fork and spoon) provides an extraordinary experience for a maximum of 20 adventurers. The afternoon workshop will introduce you to state-of-the-art molecular gastronomy (and beyond) techniques and equipment in service of ecosystems design.

Food can not only be redesigned to reduce the environmental costs involved production, distribution, preparation and ingestion, but more: to promote, augment and remediate ecosystems, amplifying a positive androgenic effect, rather than lessening the negative. Through a wilderness adventure for your pallette you can support the research behind the cross(x)species adventure club… For instance when enjoying the luxuriant creaminess of nanoWaterBuffalo Icecream – nano because of the size of the ice crystals – you promote producers who are currently demanding reconstructed wetlands to reverse ongoing wetland loss.  Wetlands, are also the most effective carbon sequestering ecosystems, and are also required to produce the delectable Wetkisses: Marshmallows (hence the marsh) for Kissing Frogs formerly known as Prince and other items from the Lifestyles of the Wet and Slimy menu.  Constructed wetlands can be designed to redress the greatest species extinction crisis the earth has witnessed since the disappearance of dinosaurs–the current loss of amphibians–and as biodiversity hotspots.

Each adventurous mouthful of Cross(x)Species Adventure Club menu experiments will guide and instantiate these emergent food systems and habitats. Like the web 2.0 of the food systems, the cross(x)species adventure club provides a participatory, DIY, and multi-platform food systems approach; in short food as a medium of art, adventure, pleasure and agency.