Dance, music and video performance by Jocelyn Ladd, Benton-C Bainbridge, and Ian M. Colletti

Benton-C Bainbridge, Ian M. Colletti and Jocelyn Ladd will present a short collaborative video, music and dance performance at Eyebeam on February 21 at 7:45 (please note time change from 7:30) PM, in conjunction with Eyebeam Bookstore Gallery’s opening reception for Bainbridge’s “VHS Portraits”.

Ladd will perform solo dance of her own choreography with Colletti’s live performance of songs from his project “Vaudeville”. Bainbridge captures this performance on camera, filtering it through real time FX and recording onto T-5 VHS tape. The VHS becomes of the “VHS Portraits” series and can be viewed through March 2 at the Eyebeam Bookstore galleries.

Choreographer Jocelyn Ladd’s recent collaborators within the field of contemporary performance have included artists such as Ryan Tracy (Gina Performa), Kennis Hawkins, and Moriah Evans.

Sounding as much as Scott Walker & Roy Orbison as it does Dark Wave and New Romantic with strong roots in Impressionism & New Music, Composer/ Performer Ian M. Colletti  (Vaudeville Park, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Jandek, Noir Night) continues to showcase his newest solo project “Vaudeville”.

Eyebeam alumnus Benton-C Bainbridge is a media artist based in The Bronx. Working with custom systems of his own design, Bainbridge creates immersive environments, interactive installations and video performances in collaboration with scores of artists around the world.