Debian-NYC Novice Night

Hours: 6PM–10PM
Cost: Free
Programming Series: X-Lab

Join X-Lab Resident and Debian NYC member Hans-Christoph Steiner for Novice Night, a series of Debian-NYC meetings for everyone.

This event is for you if: you would like to install Debian, help with an installation, help with configuring or making Debian do what you need. If you want to hang out with Debianistas to pick up tips and tricks, come on by. We can also provide some help with the Ubuntu derivative of Debian.

Novice Nights are free-form: bring your questions, and you’ll be able to talk to people to answer them. There isn’t a set structure here or presentation ongoing, so you can come for whatever parts you feel like. We will be able to help with new installations or fixing/configuring existing ones. We can make installation CDs or USB drives.

If you have a group attending, feel free to contact Debian NYC in advance so that they can prepare something for you. Likewise, if you have questions, please direct them to Richard Darst.

Otherwise, individuals can RSVP to stephanie at eyebeam dot org.


People: Hans-Christoph Steiner
Research: Education
Tags: DebianNoviceNight