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Disability Artistry: Alt-Text as Poetry Workshop & Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
Friday, May 10

Organized by Eyebeam and Art+Feminism with Madison Zalopany, Shannon Finnegan, and Michael Mandiberg, this event will include an Alt-Text as Poetry workshop and Disability Arts Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. As part of a wave of activism and media highlighting the work of disabled artists and disability artistry in New York City and beyond, the goal of this event is to build the momentum forward with the help of our community.

The day will consist of three opportunities for engagement. Participants may RSVP for any or all.

Alt-Text as Poetry Workshop

Alt-text is a key building block of web accessibility, allowing blind people and people with low vision to access visual content. Often it is seen through the lens of compliance, as an unwelcome burden that needs to be met with minimum effort. How can we instead approach alt-text thoughtfully and creatively? In this workshop, Eyebeam’s current resident Shannon Finnegan will ask participants to reframe alt-text as a type of poetry and practice writing it together.


Wikipedia edit-a-thon with trainings

With an introduction from Michael Mandiberg, co-founder and co-lead organizer of Art+Feminism and Eyebeam Alum, and Madison Zalopany, this edit-a-thon will focus on highlighting and recognizing disabled artists and disability artistry online. Participants are invited to nominate disabled artists who do not yet have a public record on Wikipedia (and should) or the names of artists who have an existing page, but it could be more thoroughly researched and cited with sources. Nominate here!

It is strongly recommended that edit-a-thon attendees take part in one of two editing trainings being offered day-of. Please see schedule below:

Training Session 1: 3-4PM with Open Editing: 4-6PM
Training Session 2: 6:30-7:30PM with Open Editing: 7:30-9PM
CART  will be provided for both training sessions.

Here are some quick guides, short instructional videos and slide decks to get you started contributing to Wikipedia

All portions of this event are free and open to the public.

Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

In order to make this gathering more accessible, limited travel fund support is available for participants upon request. The Travel Fund supports participants who might otherwise not be able to attend “Disability Artistry: Alt-Text as Poetry Workshop & Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

Want to support? Donate to the travel fund here. All donations through this link will go to supporting participant travel related to this event.


The 199 Cook Street entrance is accessible via a wheelchair ramp. Restrooms on the first floor are wheelchair accessible and the second floor restrooms are wheelchair accessible via an elevator. Our nearest train station is the L-Morgan station. The L-Morgan station does not have an elevator. The next closest station is the JM-Flushing which does have an elevator. For information on accessible transit on the MTA visit this link.

CART transcription and ASL will be provided by request. Please email [email protected] by Tuesday, May 7th.

This is a fragrance-free event. Please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume, cologne, and fragrant personal care products while using this space, as they can trigger serious health issues. We appreciate your cooperation in making this gathering accessible!

For questions regarding accessibility, please contact J. Soto prior to the event via email at [email protected] or call (347)-378- 9163 x 1006 (voice only).

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