Embodied Scores–the poetics of data excavation in the crip body

Eyebeam Assembly in partnership with Denniston Hill and The Laundromat Project:
Embodied Scores–the poetics of data excavation in the crip body
Wednesday, December 4
7-9PM, Doors 6:30


Viewing hours Sunday, December 8 12-5pm

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For this evening organized in partnership with Denniston Hill and The Laundromat Project, artists Pelenakeke Brown and Yo-Yo Lin will share their practices in excavating, gathering, and investigating the archive of their living bodies. From looking at medical histories to daily experience, Pelenakeke and Yo-Yo examine the nuances of their lived and living experience through process-driven, embodied tactics: mixing data-tracking with drawing/journaling, and medical observations with movement scores and poetry. In conversation with each other and the audience, the artists will reflect on the similarities and differences of these multidisciplinary modes of art-making–considering their methodologies as crip, intersectional tactics that can be both creative process and tools for survival/being.

The evening will culminate with two participatory writing and embodiment exercises led by the artists for group reflection.

This event will also serve as a celebration for the release of two new publications by the artists: Pelenakeke Brown’s Grasp + release–a collection of black-out poems that reveal new narratives within her medical archive that exist as choreographic scores, and Yo-Yo Lin’s Resilience Journal–an analog tracking tool dedicated to visualizing the overlooked, soft data in our lives.

Publications will be available on site for donation-based purchase.

In order to make this gathering more accessible, limited travel fund support is available for participants upon request. The Travel Fund supports participants who might otherwise not be able to attend “Embodied Scores–the poetics of data excavation in the crip body”

This is a fragrance-free event. Please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume, cologne, and fragrant personal care products while using this space, as they can trigger serious health issues. We appreciate your cooperation in making this gathering accessible!

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