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Hacking//Hustling: A Tactical Skill Share for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World

Saturday, September 22

1-4 pm

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Hacking//Hustling in a Post-SESTA world, a panel addressing the harms of SESTA legislation will be followed by a half day of workshops in collaboration with t4tech, where sex workers and digital rights advocates will work together. The workshop will address safer communications, safer communities, threat modeling for targeted harrassing, doxxing self-defense and securing accounts and devices.


In an effort to support this program and its participants, and combat systemic inequities we are implementing the following sliding-scale ticket pricing for this program. Sex workers will be admitted for free.



More information about FOSTA/SESTA legislation:

Sex workers and survivors of trafficking oppose SESTA

Congress passes SESTA, despite opposition from sex workers and survivors of trafficking

Crackdowns on sex workers begin before SESTA is signed into law

SESTA supporters say sex work can never be safe

Sex workers protest SESTA nationwide

A constitutional challenge to SESTA is filed


About the facilitators :

t4tech is a free and accessible resource for transgender and GNC people to share and pick up skills of software engineering, digital technologies, and computer science. We work to enable trans and GNC people with the skillsets required to engage with and shape the tech community.


Daly Barnett is a software engineer and privacy advocate. She is the founder of t4tech, an organization that facilitates free tech education workshops for trans and gender-nonconforming people.


Sophie is a Senior Data Scientist at Metis where she is a bootcamp instructor and leads curriculum development. Sophie works in deep learning and data science ethics. Through t4tech Sophie helps provide free trans-centered classes in programming and data science. 


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City: Brooklyn

State: NY

Country: US

Phone: 347 378 9163