Eyebeam Kickstarter Kick-Off Party!!

Programming Series: Eyebeam 15th Anniversary

Eyebeam is holding a party on June 5, to kick-off our Kickstarter Campaign!!

Hours: 6:00PM-8:00PM
Cost: Free (w/RSVP)

The goal of the campaign is to create a new, more public entrance into Eyebeam that will give us a multi-use exhibition and presentation space in addition to a bookstore.

To get the campaign rolling in proper Eyebeam fashion, join us for a party the night of June 5, 6 – 8, with the first screening of our Kickstarter video, drinks by donation, and a wide variety of rewards for Kickstarter donations at all levels, including:

  • Bjornqorn” by Jamie O’Shea — “the original sun-popped corn” made from concentrated sunlight brought to frying temperatures through Jamie’s invention, the “Caloris Basin”. (only available at the party)
  • RGB+D Wireframe Portraits by James George — a new photography hybrid that combines the depth imaging of Microsoft Kinect cameras with the high resolution of digital SLR cameras. The result is a high-density wireframe that can be manipulated in three dimensions. James George will create a 16″ x 24″ portrait print of the patron using the RGB+D system. The portrait includes a sitting with artist.
  • New sculptural work by Enrique Radigales, “Primary Weapon”, slabs of raw marble, granite, and concrete are inscribed with the PlayStation controller’s familiar button layout
  • Zach Gage’s card game “Guts of Glory”, a limited signed run, described as a “food-eating contest played as a deck spewing card game set in the post-apocalyptic future”
  • Cocktail Chats with artists expanding the realms of Sound (Daniel Neumann + Brian House) and Vision (Nick Fox-Gieg + James George)
  • and much more!

RSVP, we only have room for 75!!

The space is crowded with our summer exhibition, Surface Tension.

Eyebeam’s new entrance will lead into the space that is now the Commons area (the white-walled space adjacent to Paula Cooper Gallery). The reconfigured space will allow us to showcase works by current artists and alumni in clear view of the street and will give us a better presentation space for book-signings, small performances, and parties. We may even add a pop-up coffee shop! These changes, along with revised graphics and a sharper, more focused identity, will make Eyebeam more accessible and inviting and will help us reach a new and broader audience.

We have always been dedicated to operating with a spirit of openness, and this redesign allows us to do just that in a (literally) concrete way.

Come party with us and help us get this Kickstarter campaign kicked off!!! If you can’t make it, PLEASE spread the word… And be sure to donate, early and often!!