Eyebeam Presents #ArtsTech: 3D Printing

Hours: 7-10PM
Cost: $10.00

This month, we’ll be hearing about the new opportunities and challenges 3D printing is presenting artists, designers, museums and businesses.

We’ve all been hearing about how 3D printing is the harbinger of a new industrial revolution for some time now, but outside of hobbyist circles, the technology hasn’t really had much traction. Until now.

This year is the first time that all seems to be coming to a head, and it looks as if 3D printing really is the future, and sooner than we expected. Last month, Makerbot released a new desktop printer and opened a storefront in NYC, London opened a 3D printshow to much fanfare, and Makerbot’s Bre Pettis graced the cover of WIRED in an issue where WIRED’s editor Chris Anderson breathlessly extolled the virtues and promises of this quickly developing technology.

Speakers include:

Don Undeen, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Mary Huang, Artist/Designer
Michael Weinburg, Public Knowledge
And a demo from Makerbot
**Note: This will be the first event held at EYEBEAM since superstorm Sandy devastated the organization. As always, half the ticket cost of this event will go directly to EYEBEAM.