Eyebeam Summer School: Hardware Hacking for Interaction

Programming Series: Summer School

Justin Downs and Rucyl Mills, artists presenting their work in the exhibition Double Take will discuss interaction and how they made their project Watch What You Are.

Eyebeam R&D Openlab fellow Ayah Bdier will present her newest project littleBits and discuss open source electronics. New Eyebeam resident artist Hans Christoph-Steiner will demonstrate his work which involves recycling old devices like iPods, PDAs, and mobile phones into new interactive gadgets: two old iPods mounted flat in a custom mount makes a set of mini-turntables, an old wifi router attached to a solar panel becomes a free telephone system to serve a small community, a PDA built into a guitar body makes a touchscreen guitar.


Projects: littleBits
People: Ayah Bdeir, Hans Christoph-Steiner, Justin Downs, Rucyl Mills
Research: Open Lab
Tags: Double Take