Eyebeam Summer School: Robots and How We See Ourselves

Programming Series: Summer School

Artist Andrew Mahon, whose work is included in the Double Take exhibition, will demonstrate his project digitallyFit, which allows you to modify your body image in real time. He will talk about the digital representation, and misrepresentation of self, from the most banal mediums such as the buddy icon, through the more descriptive yet revealing Second Life.

New Eyebeam resident artist Adrianne Wortzel will present her works demonstrating the persistence with which humans imbue machines with souls – and maybe vice versa – in a talk entitled, The Uncanny Alley: Fun House Reflections of Humans and Machines.

This will be followed by Blinking Lights and Belief Systems. In this talk, Eyebeam senior fellow Jeff Crouse will discuss BoozBot, a robot co-created with Eyebeam production lab fellow David Jimison, that serves both hard alcohol and witty banter to patrons. boozBot engenders particular responses in people based upon their own conceptions on technology. The aesthetics of boozBot rely upon cultural myths about robots, and allow people to engage in a performance with the robot, in which they uncover their own assumptions about technology.


Projects: BoozBot
People: Adrianne Wortzel, Andrew MahonDavid JimisonJeff Crouse
Tags: Double Take