Eyebeam with Open House New York

Hours: 12:00PM-5:00PM
Cost: Free

On 11-12 October from 12:00PM-5:00PM, Eyebeam will open the doors of our new space in Industry City in Sunset Park to the public as part of the Open House New York festival. See what our current Fall 2014 residents and fellows are working on and learn first hand about their projects. Tours of the new space will run at 1:00 and 3:00PM each day.

For more information on the OHNY festival see their website: www.ohny.org

Artists in residence:

Torkwase Dyson, 2014 Fellow

Torkwase will be showcasing material from her project The Color of Crude, a series of abstract video compositions that address the intersection of industry, geography, identity and the culture of aquatic ecology in the Gulf of Mexico. Recording underwater approximately 10-15 feet, she uses the texture of the moving surface water and sunlight to obscure steal structured engineered for extraction oil.

Nancy Nowacek, 2014 Fellow

Nancy will be showcasing a table displaying her ongoing project Citizen Bridge, a temporary pedestrian bridge planned to span the Buttermilk Channel from Brooklyn to Governor’s Island.

Allison Burtch, F/W 2014 Resident Artist

Allison is making a sine-wave generator that creates frequencies at 24khz, enough to block iPhones and Androids microphones from audio recording.

Chloe Varelidi + Atul Varma, F/W 2014 Resident Artists

Chloe and Atul are building themed arcades with teens in Brooklyn by developing a browser based tool called Minicade that makes it super easy to collaboratively create an arcade of mini games with your friends while learning to code along the way. They are also building physical cabinets in a series of pop-up workshops with the community in Brooklyn.


Saturday 11 October:


Site tour by Roddy Schrock, Director of Programs and Residencies


Alum and FAT Lab member Aram Bartholl will be teaching a “PAINT figure drawing class” with a live model and only allowing participants to use MS Paint and a mouse.



Site tour by Marko Tandefelt, Director of Technology and Research

Sunday 12 October:


Site tour by Peter Kaiser, Communications Director


Site tour by Erica Kermani, Director of Education

People: Peter Kaiser