Eyebeam/Mediashed Exchange

Eyebeam and the UK’s MediaShed a free-media community center in Southend by the Sea, have been working closely on the development of Gearbox, an open-source, online media-making toolkit. On February 2, Eyebeam’s Student Residents, Senior Fellows and staff will travel to Southend by the Sea for six days to meet, share practices, and develop collaborative projects using Gearbox. MediaShed youth will travel to NYC on February 12 complete the projects and install them in Eyebeam’s galleries.

This exchange will culminate in an all-day Free Media Workshop on February 16, which will focus on the use of “free-cycled” materials to create new and innovative forms of public infrastructure. Eyebeam and MediaShed participants, together with workshop participants, will present their projects and discuss the idea and application of “free media”. The event will close with public reception celebrating the exchange.

Teams of two or more are invited to sign-up in advance with project ideas for public space installations, based on one of the five different free media construction techniques being taught.

This event is free and open to the public.

Free Media Workshop Schedule


MediaShed and Forays presentation

MediaShed members will discuss what free media is, and why is it important. The artist collaborative Forays will assist with student presentations of collaborative projects from the MediaShed/Eyebeam exchange. Artists and teaching groups will explain how they document and share their work.



Introduction to cardboard construction techniques, Shapelock, DIY devices, sign-making, and MovieSandBox.



Participants will break into groups to build their ideas with assistance from workshop leaders, and will document this process. The Eyebeam/MediaShed exchange students will go out to find a nearby space to install the structure built during the exchange.

5:30 – 6:30PM

Workshop participants and exchange students will upload their projects to the Gearbox website.

6:30PM +

Eyebeam/MediaShed exchange closing reception party with informal presentations of workshop outcomes.

Construction Techniques

Joo Youn Paek‘s Inflatable Craft Workshop: Making clothing and structures from used plastic bags.

Not An Alternative’s Spectacle-making via props constructed from cardboard: Build sturdy and attention-grabbing structures using cardboard.

Jamie Allen‘s Micro-radio Transmission: Hacking and/or building radio transmitter from scratch for use in public space.

Jerry Juarez‘s Shapelock: Learn to mold and build unique and durable structures from the non-toxic and malleable plastic.

MediaShed‘s: DIY Video: Make covert video cameras and equipment from found and inexpensive a/v equipment.


Projects: Gearbox, Moviesandbox, Shapelock
People: Adam BobbetteForaysGeraldine Juarez, Glen Moore, Jamie AllenJooYoun Paek, MediaShed, Not an AlternativeTahj Banks, Wandy Marcano
Research: Education, Open Culture, Urban Research, Education Lab, Production Lab