FAR-FLUNG’s (fx) form

with Ursula Endlicher

This event has now passed. Full video available here and program available here.


Visit the space 6 – 8pm

Performance 8 – 9pm


FAR-FLUNG is a performance series that questions the physical and metaphorical interfaces between computers and humans. This is third and last round of these large-scale performances driven by real-time data. FAR-FLUNG’s (fx) form is in itself modular, and consists of public research scenarios, performative installations, and development workshops, leading up to the final large-scale performance.

One of these modules along the way, FAR-FLUNG’s (fx) form – Module 2, will be shown at Eyebeam on June 10. It invites the visitor into an “alert” space eagerly getting to know its audience. Taking note of the visitors’ behavior it will “reward” its audience with a performance based on their collected data.