F**king Up: Learning from Mistakes in Art and Education

Third Wednesdays, 7pm-8:30pm
Cost: Free
Supported by A Blade of Grass, OurGoods.org, and Eyebeam
rsvp[email protected]

From experimental restaurants to performative lectures, from social networks to public protests, cultural practices that focus on group work are gaining visibility. Whether contemporary enthusiasm for “social practice” comes from a desire for deep interaction in synchronous time, or from austerity measures and the poverty of the welfare state, the problems of possibilities of group work must be addressed. F**king Up is a conversation series that asks artists, educators, and curators to speak openly about struggles and desires in collaboration, documentation, narration, and commitment. Please join these free public conversations at Eyebeam on the third Wednesday of the month from March through June.

Series Schedule:
March 20th:
Who gets to speak up?
A candid conversation about collaboration and participation with Huong Ngo,Christopher Robbins, and Kerry Downey

April 17th:
Why are you taking so many photographs?
A candid conversation about documentation and ethics with curators Laurel Ptak and Natasha Marie Llorens

May 22nd:

How will you talk about what happened?
A candid conversation about narrative, exhibitions, and history with Larissa Harris and Eve Tuck

Upcoming: June 19th:
How long will you work on this?
A candid conversation about responsibility, commitment, and institutions with denisse andrade and Mimi McGurl