GRRRRRRRR!!!! is an interactive sound installation featured at Figment Festival on Governers Island from June 10–June 12.

GRRRRRRRR!!!! was created as part of Eyebeam’s Girls Eye View afterschool program for high school girls. During the program 10 girls collaborated with Eyebeam fellows Kaho Abe + Nova Jiang to create a living room that comes to life with crazy sounds as visitors interact with it. Everyday domestic objects (lamps, pillows, couches, phones and books) were hacked and redesigned during a 2-day workshop that introduced girls to design and technology. Working from the girls’ design concept, additional interactive sound pieces were created by artists at Eyebeam and guests from the Fixers Collective.
Visit Figment Festival from June 10-12 to see and play with our installation which will be featured in Nolan Park, building 19A.

Figment is a free, three-day public art festival taking place annually on NYC’s Governor’s Island.
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