Hacking Couture intervened by GAIA arts collective

What happens when we use a brand’s code to distribute our own message?

Activist group GAIA will be collaborating with Hacking Couture in this workshop.

Hacking Couture is a platform for launching new fashion creations through an open source approach of reverse engineering fashion brands and making the code available online. Hands on workshops encourage participants to create using the codes regardless of their level of fashion knowledge, and to engage in the larger fashion conversation. By understanding the coding of established fashion, this project provides a platform to empower participants to step up and create.


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Weds. July 14th  7- 9 PM
Hacking Couture the original Workshop with Giana González
We will be tinkering with the Chanel Camelias and experimenting with how to evolve them. Participants are welcome to bring their own material.

Tues. July 20th 7- 9PM
C.Spot makes Hacking Couture hers

What is it like for another designer to follow the Hacking Couture structure? Come and design with us. Led by Brooklyn based designer Charlotte Gaspard, Creative Director of C.Spot Designs.