Ingen Titel

Eyebeam presents an exhibition of animated still lifes created by Veronica Skogberg during her year-long fellowship in Eyebeam’s Production Studio. Ingen Titel (or roughly translated to Untitled in Skogberg’s native Swedish) will be on view through Nov. 4 with a special opening reception Oct. 19, 6-8pm. The exhibition is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6pm and is free of charge with a suggested donation.

The photorealistic computer graphic environments in Ingen Titel reference the composition and lighting of traditional painted still lifes. By incorporating subtle animation into object textures and details, and introducing the element of time, Skogberg embeds the possibility of narrative in the images. Ingen Titel plays with the different ways audiences view still versus moving images, based on visual languages set up in film and painting. The animations were created using Maya, Mental Ray and After Effects.

Veronica Skogberg is a 3D artist with the focus on materials and lighting. Before Eyebeam she freelanced at various graphics studios in New York City. Skogberg studied painting, sculpture, product design and 3D animation Sweden before completing her BFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design.

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