Interactive Mask Workshop

This event is closed to the public.

Contemporary Art Students from the University of Huddersfield in the UK participate in a half-day interactive mask workshop led by Eyebeam X-Lab resident David Jimison, where students develop their own interactive masks that explore issues of online identity. During the workshop, students design and decorate their masks, and then wire them with LEDs and el wire. Through the maskmaking process and then interacting online while wearing them, students explore methods of augmenting online personas. At the workshop’s conclusion, students create a series of photographs for posting on various social networks, and engaging with people via video chat.

This was a private workshop, designed specifically for this visiting group. If you would like a workshop like this, email Stephanie at to inquire about costs and program structure.


People: David Jimison
Research: Education
Tags: youth, performance, paid workshop, masks, fever creative, el wire