Invisible Crowd

Presenters: Eyebeam Fellow Taeyoon Choi and Red Channels collective.

In Spring of 2011, Taeyoon Choi collaborated with Red Channels, an open collective that organizes screenings and produces films, to present ideas about ‘Crowds in cinema’ at a social studies symposium in Chicago. Another manifestation of this collaboration was to produce a single channel video As a Crowd Gathers which was presented at the Whitney ISP exhibition in May 2011.

Choi and Red Channels are collaborating once again at Eyebeam to challenge the common understanding of ‘crowd’ in moving image. Invisible Crowd will present a selection of video essays and a performative presentation “[..] constructed through an autonomous collective approach to research. It is one potential manifestation of a co-studied genealogy of crowds, affect, and cinema; historical and represented. Of interest are the ways artists and social theorists, as well as evolving media and technology, have attempted to understand, represent, and control the potential of crowds.” (text quoted from Whitney ISP poster)

This event is presented as related programming to Taeyoon Choi’s Project Space exhibition, Invisible ____.

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6-9PM, Wednesday August 3
Invisible Resistance
 with Jay Bachhuber from the Public School New York’s class on Civil Disobedience in 21st century.

Projects: Invisible______, Specters of the riot
People: Taeyoon Choi
Tags: Project Space