Invisible Resistance

Presenter: Jay Bachhuber from the Public School New York’s class on Civil Disobedience in 21st century

Moderator: Eyebeam Fellow, Taeyoon Choi

This workshop will investigate the theory, strategy, tactics and goals of modern non-violent protest. The program will review the logic and tactics of civil disobedience campaigns from the past century in order to understand how methods have changed to respond to and to stay ahead of state counter-protest efforts. Recent and near term advances in technology, including the risks and rewards of social networking platforms and mobile technologies, will also be discussed. Additionally, we’ll look at the current legal environment for civil disobedience, how protest has changed with the War on Terror, and what legal and economic risks protesters face.

This event is presented as related programming to Taeyoon Choi’s Project Space exhibition, Invisible ____.

Other related programs:

6-9PM, Thursday July 28
Invisible Crowd
 a demonstration and screening with Eyebeam Fellow Taeyoon Choi and Red Channels collective.

Projects: Invisible______, Specters of the riot
People: Taeyoon Choi, J. Bachhuber
Tags: Project Space