Justine’s Diary

Justine’s Diary

 Justine Neuberger presents a selection of paintings, comics, animation, and posters created during her time as a Student Resident at Eyebeam (October 2010–March 2011) as a mentee of Fellow Jacob Ciocci.

Exhibition: Eyebeam’s Bookstore Gallery, March 23-April 2

Cost: Free

Public Reception: March 23, 5-7PM

Artist Statement: “As a young teenager, I used to read books about kids my age, like The Babysitters Cluband Goosebumps, which pivot around young, idiosyncratic protagonists. In first person, they tell readers spunky stories about ordinary experiences that spiral into crazy mysteries: a hidden letter in the attic, or a spooky Halloween mask that sticks to the wearer’s face. Cute details about their adolescent lives are thrown in so that when I would read about Claudia, the quirky artist who holds a séance in her secret garret, I would feel like I was reading her diary.

“My art is a visual representation of my own diary. My comics and my paintings are girlish and silly in celebration of the trivial details about my life, like what I’ll eat for lunch later, or that one thing that Becky said to me that one time.

“It celebrates and documents regular happenings that seem so important when we are younger: my high school crushes and my temporary fascination with space travel. These fine points, which will seem petty and unimportant years from now, build up, pushing us through phases and taking us on new escapades. The ordinary happenings of our lives have extraordinary significance as they help to carve our identities and affect the way we communicate with our environment.”

People: Jacob CiocciJustine Neuberger
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