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Rec. Play.

Hours: 7:00PM-8:00PM and 9:30PM-10:30PM
Cost: $11

Earbeam at Eyebeam!  2 Seatings

Jacob Kirkegaard presents Labyrinthitis– a sound piece of tones generated by the ears, for the ears, and, ultimately, from the listeners’ own ears.

Friday August 16, 7-8pm (SOLD OUT!) — Doors:6:30PM

Friday August 16, 9:30-10:30PM (SOLD OUT!) — Doors:9PM

Join us for a one-night performance of Labyrinthitis— the immersive, sonic symphony of inner ear sounds, created by Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard.

Labyrinthitis is an interactive sound piece that consists entirely of tones generated within the artist’s inner ear, which in turn spark audible emissions within the audience’s own ears. Taking place inside a floating cube within Eyebeam’s main gallery, this limited engagement performance is a unique sensorial experience, blending sound with science.

Astoundingly– our ears not only hear sounds, but create them as well. Inspired by a medical technique meant to test for deafness in newborns, Kirkegaard’s performance utilizes tones recorded from his own ears, which when listened to, will generate specific tones within the listener. Kirkegaard’s ear tones– played at a specific frequency and ratio– will cause physiological changes within the audience, thereby generating a third tone– an “otoacoustic emission,” also referred to in musicology as a “Tartini tone.” Taken as a whole, the composition is an immersive and metamorphic experience, engaging little-known and seldom witnessed sensorial and physiological properties within the listener.

Eyebeam is thrilled to have Jacob Kirkegaard in attendance throughout the performance, as he will explain his process and the scientific properties behind the piece. Labyrinthitis is being presented in conjunction with Soundings: A Contemporary Score at the Museum of Modern Art, in which Kirkegaard has a sound piece based on the resonances of abandoned buildings in Chernobyl.

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