Lauri Astala: On Disappearance

Hours: Tues. – Sat., 12-6PM
Cost: Free

Eyebeam is pleased to present moving-image artist Lauri Astala’s latest interactive installation On Disappearance (2012).

On Disappearance deals with the changes in our spatiotemporal experience and our social encounters induced by current communication technologies. The installation aims to destroy the norm of the traditional, cinematic black cube, wherein the role of the spectator is limited to that of passive observer, experiencing a mediated reality.

Astala”s installation utilizes interaction and immersion within its environment to reinvent awareness and possibility. By placing the spectator on a stage, he/she becomes a central character in the storyline and is drawn into another time and place, where there is a forced confrontation with another being– the author himself. On Disappearance questions what the spectator is truly viewing– the film, himself, his own gaze.


Lauri Astala (b. 1958) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland and Avallon, France. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, in 1989. Astala continued his studies with a Fulbright grant at Chicago Art Institute (MFA, 2001). Astala’s medium is moving image, often constructed as in-situ installations.

People: Lauri Astala
Tags: video, moving image, installation