Main Space: 'Speakers' corners'

Hours: Tues-Sat 12-6PM
Cost: Free

‘Speakers’ corners’, a new performance and installation by Eyebeam Fellow Taeyoon Choi, will be presented at the main exhibition space of Eyebeam Art and Technology from March 1st to April 7th. Building upon previous projects ‘INVISIBLE’ (7/2011, NYC) and ‘My friends, there is no friend’ (12/2011, Denmark), ‘Speakers’ corners’ explores the notion of free speech and the various conditions of democracies through interventions in the sites of historic protest and riot as well as contemporary privately owned public spaces in New York City.
On display will be a stage, a speaker’s corner, with objects that are activated through performance; mechanical protester ‘Occu-bot’, megaphone dog ‘Barky’ and ‘Management-bot’ to name a few. The objects are produced through spontaneous process between hand made electronics, reappropriation of found objects and drawing. Video diary from the Occupy Wall Street movement in the Fall of 2010, as well as new actions for the “Speakers’ Corner” will be screened.
Every Saturday from 1 to 6pm, the exhibition space will be open to the public as a Speakers’ Corner and will host reading groups and free classes.
Check the project website for details.