Man With A Projector

Hours: 8:30PM
Cost: $15

At the intersection of visual art, performance, and cinema, Man with a Projector presents a rare chance to see important historic works and new film and video performances by Malcolm Le Grice and Guy Sherwin, two artists associated with The London Film Makers’ Co-operative. The Co-op – a group of British experimental filmmakers active in the 1960s and 70s–radically transformed the dialogue around the cinematic experience. In an atmosphere of dynamic debate and daring experimentation, the group challenged the illusionistic tradition of cinema and insisted on more active, participatory experiences, focusing their attention on film projection as a live event, and often employing multiple screen projections, live filmmaking, performances, and installations. For Man with a Projector, Malcolm Le Grice will collaborate with musician Keith Rowe, while Guy Sherwin will present a work conceived in tandem with artist Lynn Loo.

Trained as painters, at the Plymouth Art College followed by the Slade School of Fine Art in London for Malcolm Le Grice (b.1940, UK), and at Chelsea School of Art for Guy Sherwin (b. 1948, UK), both artists turned their attention to film in the 1960s and joined the London Filmmaker’s Co-op workshop. Their films draw attention to the structural components of the cinematic experience such as time, light, and celluloid. Both artists have recently taken part in Shoot Shoot Shoot (Tate Modern, 2002) and A Century of Artists’ Film and Video (Tate Britain, 2003-4). Sherwin recently curated Film in Space at the Camden Arts Centre in 2012 — showcasing the experimental film and digital media pioneers of Britain in the 1970s and 1980s. Keith Rowe (b. 1940, UK) is a free improvisation prepared guitarist and painter. Singapore-born, London-based artist Lynn Loo studied at the Chicago School of the Art Institute.

Man with a Projector is a Performa Project co-presented with Eyebeam Art + Technology Center. Curated by Charles Aubin.


People: Malcom Le Grice, Lynn Loo, Keith Rowe, Guy Sherwin