Mapping Homelessness: An introduction to Ushahidi as a tool for collaborative civic action

Hours: 2-6PM
Cost: Free

A group of public participants gathered at Eyebeam to learn about the Ushahidi platform, and to learn to use it by starting a map of amenities for homelessness.

The workshop includes an introduction to the purpose and history of the Ushahidi platform, an open source tool that allows rapid mobile input into a collaborative map and database. After installing and setting up an instance of the Ushahidi platform, the group will explore the Eyebeam neighborhood, photographing and geolocating aspects of the city we would notice if we did not have reliable housing. We will use smartphones  to map places to find work, places to relax in safety, places to get food and shelter, places to take a family, social services. Participants will brainstorm ideas for using Ushahidi in diverse contexts.

Led by Chris Blow, /

Homelessness Mapping: An Intro To Ushahidi from Not An Alternative / Video shot and edited by Brandon Jourdan.


Projects: Crisis Map of Haiti
People: Chris Blow, Ushahidi
Research: Education, Open Culture, Urban Research
Tags: PARTICIPATION SS2010, Re:Group, SS2010