March Workshops with The Counter Kitchen

Two “Buttery Smooth” Workshops in The Counter Kitchen in March
Brooke Singer
 and Stefani Bardin of the The Counter Kitchen welcome two special guests on March 12 and 19. Join them in the kitchen and learn how to reverse-engineer your favorite food and personal care products. Become a translator, detective, chemist, and cook as you help them decode and remake Johnson & Johnson® Baby Lotion and Breyers® Ice Cream. Mmm, buttery and smooth. Each workshop costs $10 per person, which includes admission, tastes, take-aways, and recipes.

TCK’s “Devotion to Lotion” Workshop
Rachel Winard, creator and chef of Soapwalla Kitchen, turns Johnson and Johnson® Baby Lotion upside-down and inside-out on March 12, 2-4PM. She will tell us about the 22+ ingredients listed on the bottle and reveal fun facts (like the sources of the “fresh baby bottom” smell and the signature pink color). Then she will lead us through a step-by-step recreation, shedding more than a few ingredients along the way.

TCK’s “I Scream” Workshop 
Mike Lee, founder of the New York underground supper club Studiofeast, will turn our attention to commercially produced ice cream and continue the “Buttery and Smooth” theme on March 19, 12-2PM. Using his culinary skills and scientific prowess with cryogenic fluids, Mike will help us uncover questionable ingredients in Breyers® Ice Cream and then show us a spectrum of possibilities for creating our own ice creams.

image of rachel cookingRachel Winard is a Brooklyn girl and creator of Soapwalla Kitchen. Her objective is to make the highest-quality products available with organic, vegan, food-grade ingredients (not harmful or synthetic additives such as petrochemicals, parabens, pthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate). Her motto is “If I refuse to put something in my body, I shouldn’t be putting it *on* my body, either.”

image of mike leeMike Lee is a New York-based marketing wizard by day and founder of the famed underground supper club Studiofeast by night. Using specialty food and beverage purveyors, Studiofeast creates private culinary events, independently and in partnership with other supper clubs. Studiofeast has also participated in fundraisers and NYC Michelin Red Guide Dinners.

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