Meetup: Demo Day

Programming Series:

Summer School

Glimpse the varied and inspired work being produced by today’s creative technologists in this series of short talks and project demos from leading artists and designers. They’ll showcase new work created using an assortment of tools that help facilitate innovative arts experiences, such as: openFrameworksProcessingArduino, Augmented Reality/Mobile, Cinder, and Max/MSP.

7:00pm – Doors Open
7:15pm – Talks begin, 10 min each
8:30-10:00pm – Socializing over drinks


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This Meetup is presented as part of our Summer School 2011 collaboration with The Creators Project, and as a lead-up to our Art Hack Weekend where we are inviting artists, developers, and designers to spend two days designing new experiences for artistic engagement.

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People: Doug PfefferJer ThorpKaho AbeKyle McDonaldLuke DuBoisManifest.ARTheodore Watson
Research: Education
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