MIXER: Kudu | BiLLLL$ featuring Guillermo E. Brown | The Collection Agency

Plus interactive art by: Addie Wagenknecht | Friedrich Kirschner | David Jimison + Jeff Crouse | Geraldine Juárez

Open bar all night! Sponsored by Dewar’s and Newcastle Brown Ale.

MIXER, Eyebeam’s new series dedicated to showcasing leading performing artists in the fields of live video and audio.

In addition to live performance by video artists, musicians, VJs and DJs, each MIXER event will present new interactive work by Eyebeam artists that encourages audience participation and creative play.

Production Lab fellow Addie Wagenknecht’s Fatigue is an interactive installation that uses a computer vision program to capture and replay its audience’s movements. This footage is projected as a continuous loop until a different motion within the camera’s field of vision triggers a new loop. The piece is a narrative on the cyclical patterns we engage in and how often we (never) break them.

Friedrich Kirschner, also a fellow in the Production Lab, will be leading participatory, 3-D “inkscans” using the Inkscanner, which creates a digital scan of your body by slowly submerging it (yes, the whole thing!) in ink-colored water. The Inkscanner is a large-scale, environmentally friendly iteration of the Milkscanner. To fully enjoy the process of being inkscanned, you’ll need a little bit of time and your bathing suit—we’ll provide the caps and towels.

With the creation of BoozBot, Eyebeam Production Lab fellow David Jimison and senior fellow Jeff Crouse add the “single-liquid-service robot” to the list of creative roles for automatons. Indeed, the birth of BoozBot opens a fresh chapter at the intersection of technology, human interaction, and the science of personality. BoozBot converses with the wit and wisdom of your favorite corner barkeep, pouring drinks, monitoring sobriety, and engaging patrons one-on-one.

Senior fellow Geraldine Juárez will be soliciting for the Tanda Foundation, a social network that connects projects with funding in a web 2.0 format, merging the logic of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and a free form of economy called “Tanda”.

Hybrid in format, and Eyebeam in spirit—collaborative, spontaneous and a little off-the-wall—MIXER will electrify Eyebeam’s Chelsea warehouse for a Saturday night quite unlike any other.

MIXER: Eyebeam’s quarterly live A/V party

Sponsors: Dewar’s, The Onion, Newcastle Brown Ale.


People: Addie WagenknechtDavid JimisonFriedrich KirschnerGeraldine JuarezJeff Crouse
Tags: BoozBot, Fatigue, inkscanner, Tanda Foundation