MIXER: Underground

Programming Series: MIXER


November 8, 2008
Nov. 8, 9PM – 2AM
540 W. 21st St.

This last MIXER for 2008 was unlike any other … No evening art stroll with a glass of sponsored wine, Production Lab fellow David Jimison (boozBot | Anywhere But Here | Madlib Karaoke) and Paul Amitai (MIXER mastermind) pulled together a crack team of set designers, fashionistas, artists, performers, and of course AMAZING musicians, to create an evening UNDERGROUND.

The Eyebeam warehouse was transformed into an enormous multi-level labyrinth, with tunnels, trap doors, and more.

Projects installed within different sections of the labyrinth: Goodbye New York / Benton-C Bainbridge 6 Walls / JooYoun Paek | Robotic Roaches / Jon Cohrs | boozBot 2.0 / Jeff Crouse and David Jimison | Video Womb / Christina Kral, Dan Ribaudo, and Drayton Hiers Double Harmonics Guitar / Jeff Feddersen and Tetsu Kondo | De Mengeling van New York / Chris Kaczmarek | Cryptid Memoir / Rob O’Neill

The evening was capped by musical performances by Roxy Cottontail (NYC) + Judi Chicago (ATL)

Check out videos from MIXER: Underground.


Projects: MIXER
People: Benton-C Bainbridge, Brian Whiton, Chris KaczmarekChristina Kral, Dan Ribaudo, Daniel PerlinDavid Jimison, DJ N-Ron, Drayton Hiers, Grey Barreda, Jeff CrouseJeff FeddersenJon Cohrs, Jonathan Rauberts, JooYoun Paek, Judi Chicago, Paul AmitaiRob O’Neill, Roxy Cottontail, Stephan Maze Georges, Tetsu Kondo
Tags: A/V, mixer, party, performance