Monkey Town

Monkey Town 3
June 13 – August 11, 7 nights/week
Screenings: 7pm + 9:15pm
Cost: $80 Monday-Saturday, $45 Sunday

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Monkey Town, the first experimental, completely immersive film and food experience, returns to NYC at Eyebeam this summer, June 13 • August 11, for a two month nightly pop up before launching a national tour.

Special Event Nights:

Thursday, August 1
R Luke Dubois + Emilie Baltz + Andre Vida + TBA
A night of live music, live visuals, and live food!

Saturday, August 3
The Shining (Backwards and Forwards)
Simultaneously superimposed on 4 screens with live score by John Fell Ryan (Excepter, Room 237) + Akiva Saunders

Thursday, August 8
Christina Vantzou + CC Carana + TBD
A night of live chamber music, haunted acoustic blues, and 4 screens of visuals

Sunday, August 11
The Shhhh Show with Special Guest (Sh??) + Shilpa Ray + She Keeps Bees + Dome Theater
A grand finale with 3 women and 1 theater

The beloved Monkey Town, which lived for 7 years in Williamsburg until 2010, will once again pair visually captivating film and videos with top chefs creating meals and pairings to compliment the program. The event recreates its original and still unprecedented cinema-in-the-round by forming a floating cube from 4 massive projection screens and 8.1 surround sound. The new rendition will feature a single curated film and video program that replays every night for 60 days, featuring almost all multi-channel works by 21 extraordinary artists and filmmakers.

Eyebeam will host screenings nightly from June 13 through August 11, in our main hall/floating cube cinema. Each screening will accommodate intimate seatings of 32 people, and will take place twice nightly at 7pm and 9:15pm.

“One of the most intriguing restaurants and performances spaces in New York…Monkey Town is famous for serving multi-course meals choreographed to accompany exotic video mash-ups on four giant walls.” – Gothamist, 2010

Featured Artists:

Jack + Leigh Ruby (produced by Eve Sussman and Simon Lee), Shana Moulton, Tara Sinn, Errol Morris, Trisha Baga, Lily Sheng + Antonia Kuo and Petra Cortright, Zefrey Throwell, Kathy Rose, Peter Burr, Will Rahilly, Annie Pearlman, Brian Close, Ben Ridgway, William Strobeck, Alison Mennor, Bunny Rogers and Filip Olszewski, Chris Rice, Theo Angell, Montgomery Knott, Astrid Menze

Featured Chefs:

Wed/Thurs – Max Sussman w/ Katy Peetz (ex-Roberta‚Äôs)
Fri/Sat – Nacxi Gaxiola (ex-Pulqueria, La Superior)
Sundays – Fred Hua (Nha Toi)
Mon/Tues – Josh Cross + Montgomery Knott (ex-Gramercy Tavern, Alain Ducasse)

About Monkey Town: 

Monkey Town is the brainchild of founder Montgomery Knott who has curated the films in partnership with Maggie Lee.  ‚ÄúMonkey Town started on an airplane with a delirious cocktail napkin sketch and a desire to create an experience bringing together my love of film and video with adventures in food and to share it with all my friends. Over the years, it blossomed into something way beyond my vision, where a community of artists shaped and designed the space into what it actually became.

“As I sat back picking my teeth, I mentally congratulated Monkey Town for reviving the idea of dinner theater. Or maybe just providing the kind of multivalent entertainment craved by hyperactives like me.” Village VoiceRobert Sietsema, 2004

Part video parlor but all restaurant, Monkey Town is nothing if not unique…it is heartening to see a good-humored arty project like Monkey Town put down roots, even more so on account of its adventurous and often rewarding cooking.  ‚Äî NY TimesPeter Meehan, 2005

History of Monkey Town:

The original Monkey Town ran from May 2003 • December 2004. It was located in a private loft at 222 Leonard St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Emphasis was on video art showcasing works by Miranda JulyMika Rottenberg, and Golan Levin among dozens of other emerging artists; many of whom, years later, are thriving in Manhattan galleries. They also hosted live music shows from Black DiceWhite MagicDead TexanMy Best FiendSayyid and Priest (Anit-Pop Consortium) and Blood on the Wall.

Same set up: 4 projection screens and food. Chefs moonlighted from jobs at Gramercy Tavern, Esca and Chanterelle. There were 99 performances over 19 months.

The second Monkey Town ran from October 2005 • January 2010. It was located at 58 N. 3rd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Open nightly for 4 years and 4 months, a front dining room and bar were added, while the back dining room continued the original layout ‚Äî 4 screens; communal seating; 6.1 surround sound; capacity of 50. A full menu was available every night. The back space showcased video art, short films, feature-length films and documentaries; as well as, live music, dance and other performance. Damo SuzukiSharon Van EttenTony ConradThe XXDirty ProjectorsShilpa Ray and Excepter’s lengendary marathon shows were all illuminated in the cube, while a slew of talented filmmakers tested and stretched the definition of  new cinema.

People: Alison Mennor, Annie Pearlman, Astrid Menze, Ben Ridgway, Brian Close, Bunny Rogers + Filip Olszewski, Chris Rice, Errol Morris, Eve Sussman, Fred Hua, Jack + Leigh Ruby, Josh Cross, Kathy Rose, Maggie Lee, Max Sussman, Montgomery Knott, Nacxi Gaxiola, Peter Burr, Shana Moulton, Simon Lee, Tara Sinn, Theo Angell, Trisha Baga, Will Rahilly, Will Strobeck, Zefrey Throwell
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