Moving Scores (Solo Interpretations)

Programming Series:

Rec. Play.

André Vida’s Moving Scores is an installation of films and animated musical notations that focuses on the delicate relationship between performer and score. Unlike typical musical scores, these interactive pieces listen to their performers and respond with motion, amplifying the musical gesture and giving the sound a space to develop in equilibrium with the visual. Audiences may visit the gallery during the day, 10-12 April, as the performers develop their individual interpretations of these pieces.


10 April, 12-3PM: Andre Vida, sax

10 April, 3-6PM: Christa Robinson, english horn

11 April, 12-3PM: Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon

11 April, 3-6PM: Loren Dempster, cello

12 April, 12-3PM: Jay Rosen, tuba

12 April, 3-6PM: Brett Sroka, trombone


13 APRIL 2014
8pm – 11pm

This long-duration performance on the evening of 13 April marks the closing of Moving Scores. This will be the final performance of group interpretations with spatialized reconfigurations by Daniel Neumann as part of the CT- SWaM series.


Christa Robinson, english horn

Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon

Loren Dempster, cello

Jay Rosen, tuba

Brett Sroka, trombone

André Vida, saxophones


Moving Scores is part of The Tri-Centric Music Festival, 10–19 April, NYC.


The Tri-Centric Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports the ongoing work and legacy of Anthony Braxton while also cultivating and inspiring the next generation of creative artists to pursue their own visions with the kind of idealism and integrity Braxton has demonstrated throughout his distinguished career.

The term “Tri-Centric” derives from Braxton’s three-volume collection of philosophical investigations, The Tri-Axium Writings. Braxton believes creative thinking cannot be reduced to dichotomies, but must embrace multiple perspectives. For instance, music is not only composed or improvised, but also includes intuition. We must not only consider the past and the present, but also the future. It is not always this or that, it is often the other.

Tri-Centric exists to vigorously advocate for the crucial role risk-taking art plays in maintaining the health and vibrancy of our culture. Through a commitment to innovation, self-sufficiency, and artistic ambition, the organization looks to create a new model of artist empowerment and offer a supportive community to those in pursuit of “trans-idiomatic” creativity.


People: André Vida, Brett Sroka, Jay Rozen, Sara Schoenbeck
Research: Sound
Tags: sound, Tri-Centric Music Festival