New York Times Feminist Reading Group

Join us Saturday, November 9 for the third and final meeting of the New York Times Feminist Reading Group at Eyebeam from 1–2:30pm free of charge.

A reading group dedicated to Saturday, November 9th’s edition of The New York Times from a feminist perspective. Participants are welcome to join regardless of whether they have read, skimmed, or even just glanced at that day’s paper. The discussion begins informally with whatever news item or question participants first raise, and ranges widely from investigations of specific articles or images, to editorial choices and ad placements, to the larger questions of the business of newspapers, the migration of news into digital formats, and the future of media in general. Hosted by Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden. Questions? Email [email protected]

New York Times Feminist Reading Group is part of  The Very First Year a series of events organized by current Fellow Laurel Ptak and inspired by her ongoing research at Eyebeam into cyberfeminist art practices since the 1990s. Since Eyebeam’s founding 16 years ago, this is the very first year that its roster of Fellows, Residents, and Honorary Fellows includes a greater number of women than men.


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