On view: Eli Keszler’s L-Carrier

Programming Series: Rec. Play.
Hours: Performance June 7, 7PM, Gallery Hours Tue-Sat 12-6PM
Cost: Free

Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, in partnership with Issue Project Room, is pleased to announce L-CARRIER, an installation by sound artist/percussionist Eli Keszler commissioned by New Radio & Performing Arts, Inc. for its site turbulence.org, with funding from the Jerome Foundation and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. The network component is accessed here.

From June 7th-23rd L-CARRIER transforms Eyebeamʼs Project Space into a large-scale, mechanical stringed instrument, immersing audiences in rich harmonies and sparse, multi-directional rhythms. A remote website displaying the pieceʼs evolving visual data score supplements this audio environment, and June 7th, 7PM-8PM the piece will serve as accompaniment for a live ensemble performance.

L-CARRIER is run and triggered by an internal feedback loop. A surveillance camera placed along a wall of the installation detects changes in the visual field; that triggers images to change on the remote website. These transformed images trigger new patterns for the automated mechanical component. Meanwhile, the surveillance video, along with audio feed of the installation, becomes part of the websiteʼs visual composition. Together, the audio and visual components of the website display the ʻbrainʼ of the piece in its entirety, on both the front and back end of its activity. The online network component can be accessed here.

The mechanical installation uses lengths of piano wire, ranging in length from short to very long (up to 50 feet), which wrap around each other as they extend from the wall to the ceiling of the gallery in a complex geometric design. Mechanical beaters strike wooden sounding boards, which work as low-tech amplifiers – projecting percussive tones throughout the space, creating an immersive and contrasting sound that articulates the layout and architecture of the piece and environment while the long strings produce complex harmonic formations around them.

For the opening night, an ensemble will perform a detailed score written by Eli Keszler to accompany the installation. The composition has been written so that fluid, dynamic acoustic sounds push and pull against the installationʼs sonic control.

This ensemble includes: Eli Keszler, Ashley Paul, Anthony Coleman, Alex Waterman, C Spencer Yeh, Catherine Lamb, Geoff Mullen, and Reuben Son.

This event also inaugurates the release of Eli Keszlerʼs double CD Catching Net, a collection of installation and ensemble recordings, released by the Berlin-based PAN – ACT label.

L-Carrier is presented as part of Eyebeamʼs sound series Rec.Play., a curatorial initiative founded by Eyebeam Creative Director Roddy Schrock presenting sound works that use Eyebeamʼs 18,000 square foot space as a starting point for creative inquiry.

Eli Keszler Biography:
Eli Keszler is a composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and the US, performing solo and in collaboration with artists such as Phill Niblock, Aki Onda, Tony Conrad, Loren Connors, Jandek, C Spencer Yeh, Ran Blake, and Ashley Paul.

His installations have appeared at the Boston Center for the Arts, Nuit Blanche NYC and the Shreveport New Music Festival. His Oxtirn release was named as a record of the year from Wire Magazine and the Boston Globe. He received a feature/interview on NPR All Songs Considered in 2011. He is a graduate of New England Conservatory where he studied with Ran Blake, Anthony Coleman and John Malia.

Eli Keszler: http://elikeszler.com/

Turbulence: http://turbulence.org/

Issue Project Room: http://www.issueprojectroom.org/


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