Open Call: Art & Technology Internships

Eyebeam’s Residents and Fellows are seeking interns offering a wide range of skill sets and interests to contribute to the production of technology-based artworks. Artist internships provide students with unique, hand-on learning opportunities. An Eyebeam Artist Intern could be a visual artist with an interest in gaining exposure to technology-based practices, or he/she could be a technoligist interested in discovering how to apply his or her skills creatively.
Internships require a committment of 10 hours a week. Eyebeam does not offer payment for internships. However, college credit is granted to individuals who apply. Undergraduate and graduate students may apply.
Artists seeking interns:
Maria Michails — email [email protected]   
“Seeking an advanced programmer using arduino and knows the hardware as well.  Currently, the configuration is set up so that a set of three steel rods in the soil monitor the moisture level of the three planters individually.  Based on these levels the system is calibrated to do two things: 1) determine how often and how long the solenoid valves open to let water flow to the plants, and 2) give a visual reading via LEDs of what the moisture levels are ie. red lights, yellow lights or blue lights.  There is now an increase the number of LEDs, so this is still needing to be done as there are now more pins added.  Calabration needs tweaking. Much of the code is done. I am looking for someone who can work through to a final code with the prototype and solder to a proto sheild. The number of hours this will take depends on the level of the programmer.  I would like to have it done by early November if possible.  Will be credited on all promotional material.” 
Matt Parker & Albert Hwang — email [email protected]
“We are looking for a intern to help out with Lumarca (3D DIY Open Source Volumetric Display). Initially, we need help redesigning and building out our website to reflect it as a full DIY and Open Source project as we prepare to finish our DIY Kits. We’d also appreciate someone who can help us with building, testings, installing and coding Lumarca, for DIY Kits and larger installations versions as well. Good web design and development skills a must, programming and construction a plus.”
Taeyoon Choi — email [email protected]
“I am looking for a talented and aspiring digital film/video maker who’s familiar with DSLR filmmaking and HD editing. We will make short video clips of live performance, workshop, lecture which will be shown online and in exhibition that will open in December . . . The online exhibition will be presented on in various file formats and instructional contents with participatory elements. The website and URL will be accessible online and continue to transform throughout the exhibition. In December 25th, the website will be available for sale through an internet auction. The bid starts at $1. This will be my first work to be sold online.”
also from Taeyoon–
“I’m looking to work with a talented 3D model and render artist to make a series of architectural rendering to illustrate problems of urban development. 
We will work to visualize my extensive research material with focus on industrialization of natural resource and collective behavior in the public space.  
I’ve been researching about urban development through site specific research, action-participation process and creative interpretation of archival material. It is about time to visualize the ideas and I need your help in building unbuildable architecture and landscape! 
If you grew up admiring Archigram and Superstudio, wrote your first science fiction before you went into a middle school, and have books by Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino and Georges Perec on your bookshelf, you are going to have so much fun!”
Projects: Decoding urban riot: LA 1992, I Get Friends, Lumarca, S*OIL
People: Albert HwangMaria Michails, Matt Parker, Taeyoon Choi