Open Hardware Summit

The Open Hardware Summit will be a venue to discuss and draw attention to the vibrant open source hardware movement currently happening. The event is happening around MakerFaire NY, in partnership with Buglabs, MakerFaire, Creative Commons, littleBits, Eyebeam, Htink.

With an amazing lineup from academia, industry, DIY shop and open hardware stars, the event promises to be incredible. The lineup includes: Arduino, Sparkfun, Evil Mad Science, Adafruit, Make, NASA, MITre, Eyebeam, OHANDA, Creative Commons, Texas Instruments, DIYLILCNC, FSF and many others.

For the full schedule, please visit:
Tickets are at $40, and $25 for students, artists and non-profits. Tickets include breakfast, lunch, and cocktail, free one day pass to Maker Faire and a geeky goodiebag!

Tickets are on sale at:

Although the summit only accommodates a limited number of people, the discussion already started on twitter (#openhardware) and on the forum:

Join us.

More info at: